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Lap Joint Exhaust Clamp

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Size: 3"
Material: Aluminized
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    Mel's Manufacturing

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Fit: Any Truck with a 3" to 5" Exhaust System 

Having exhaust clamp issues? Lap joint clamps do not require the pipes to be notched for the pipes to seal. They offer a more secure clamping method for the pipes in any exhaust system. These clamps feature a two-bolt design that allows you to tighten each side independently of the joint as necessary. Available in 3", 4" or 5", a choice of aluminized vs. stainless steel and a variety of sizes for any special projects you're working on.


  • Fits ANY 3", 4" & 5" Exhaust System
  • Aluminized Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Adjustment
  • Torque to 50ft-lb